The Skincare Routine of a Sweat Addict

We all know that getting a good sweat is good for you, but what about for your skin? Working out and getting the extra blood flow to your skin has so many benefits! Because increasing your heart rate increases the blood flow throughout your body, it promotes healthy circulation. This brings more blood to your face (which is why your cheeks get so pink during your little sweat sesh). As more blood flows, it brings oxygen and all of the nutrients it carries with it, helping to nourish your skin and leave your skin brighter and more vibrant. (That post-workout glow is really unlike any other.) Blood is the way that everything is carried from point A to point B in the body. It is also gets rid of the bad stuff too. When there’s pollutants, bacteria, etc. in the body, the blood is what will carry it to the detox organs (like the liver and kidneys) to try to rid the body of it. Another place it will carry it is to the skin to be sweat out. It’s like cleansing your body from the inside out! But as you sweat out the gross-ness, it sits on your skin. The combination of the salty sweat and the toxins can clog pores and leave your skin tight, dry, and pimple-ridden. So for the person who’s addicted to getting a good sweat in, how do I take care of my skin to make sure I get all of the benefits while minimizing the sweat-induced pimples? Here’s my routine!

I do my regular routine twice a day. If I’m working out in the morning, I wait to clean my face and moisturize until after my workout. If I workout later, I go ahead and do it once I wake up.

  1. I start with a gentle cleanser. Because I have pretty dry skin, I need something gentle without any unnatural ingredients or chemicals. My favorite is from Athia. They make their products specifically for athletes and those that spend a lot of time sweating in the gym. Athia products use highly concentrated amounts of antioxidants, electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins and essential minerals to cleanse, moisturize, detoxify and brighten. Additionally, their probiotic technology is masterfully formulated to provide healthier skin by fighting free radicals and other harmful bacteria, while replenishing the skin's essential good bacteria. AND, here’s no animal testing or unnatural ingredients. I love this brand because with every purchase they help fund women’s education around the world through “She’s The First”. Read more about the impact your purchase makes here. Also, you can use the code kenziem15 for 15% off of your entire purchase! Shop here!

  2. I mist a rose water toner over my face to hydrate and brighten. The one I use is from Trader Joe’s (who knew they have their own organic skincare line!?)

  3. I apply a hyaluronic acid + vitamin C serum. Hyaluronic acid is great for dry skin because it holds up to 10,000x it’s weight in water on your skin. I got a facial a while ago and the specialist told me to invest in skincare with HA because it would hold the water in my super dry skin. I also try to make sure there’s vitamin C in my serum because it’s great for tightening your skin and preventing wrinkles. Athia also has a HA + C daily moisturizer I plan on trying when I run out! You can never start too early, right?

  4. MOISTURIZE. I have two different moisturizers that I use. The one that I use in the morning has hyaluronic acid and SPF. I love Neutrogena’s Hydroboost line because it has HA and is water based rather than oil based, so it doesn’t just sit on top of your skin.This one is my go-to and it’s on sale on Amazon! Because there’s additional SPF it’s a little heavier, so I don’t like to use it before bed. At night I like to use a lighter, gel based moisturizer. The Hydroboost Water Gel is the best for this.

    **Always cleanse first and then apply the rest of your products. Make sure you put them on in order of lightest to heaviest. This should be your toner, serums, and then moisturizers.

I noticed a huge difference in my skin after I started working out. It cleared up and was a lot brighter. But when I’ve neglected to take care of it after working out, I’ll break out and get super dry. I think it’s just as important to take care of our skin as it is to workout and eat well. Being healthy is all about doing what is good for your whole wellbeing, and that includes what you do or don’t put on your skin!