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Eating Out and Staying on Track

Eating out can be a major cause for anxiety when on a fitness or nutrition regimen, especially when you’re just starting out. You feel like you’re in control of what you put in your body when you can buy and prepare the food yourself, but the moment someone wants to go out to eat you become a little nervous because you just don’t know how you’re going to be able to stay on track and eat out at the same time. You feel like you can’t indulge or enjoy a night out or you’ll ruin your progress, right? Wrong! What if I told you that you can make eating out work for your goals? What if I told you that you could still enjoy some pizza every week (like this lovely pizza from my date with my handsome man last week)? So let’s chat about it. Food shouldn’t make you nervous. A night out shouldn’t cause you to worry about ruining your hard work. You can eat out and still stay on track.

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The Ketogenic Diet

I think I speak for everyone when I say we all know someone eating Whole30 or practicing intermittent fasting. We see the Kardashians rave about the ketogenic diet on TV and read about JLo’s recent bout with her no-carb diet that got her body ready for her movie role in just 10 days. They’re all over the internet and every social media post ever! I took the time to read up on today’s most popular diet, and I want to break it down into a “Diets for Dummies” format. So let’s take a look.

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