How to Celebrate National Oatmeal Day


Most of you probably have no idea, but October 29th is National Oatmeal Day. If you’re anything like me and you eat oatmeal on the regular (and when I say on the regular, I mean sometimes eating oatmeal two and three times a day), you probably want to celebrate with a giant bowl of warm oats with more toppings than your undersized bowl can handle. I mean lets be real, when it comes to making oatmeal, there’s not a bowl out there that’s big enough!

During the fall, I don’t think that there’s anything more suitable for breakfast than some cinnamon maple oats with sautéed apples or pears, almond butter, and maybe some pecans to top it off. There’s just something cozy about waking up to a warm bowl on a cold morning that makes for the best start to the day. So when I found out yesterday was National Oatmeal Day, I made my favorite toasty breakfast bowl.

So, you’re probably wondering “what’s the big deal with oatmeal”, and you might think I’m a little crazy for being so passionate about it. Well, there’s a lot to love when it’s that good for you! So let’s chat about why this complex little carb should be a regular part of your diet.

If I’m being real, I used to hate oatmeal. I thought it was disgusting. The texture, blandness, smell, and look was just nasty to me. But when I got to college and I had to start paying for some of my food choices or deal with the limited healthy options in the cafeteria, I made myself shovel it down. It took a few times for me to not want to spit it out, but I got used to it and slowly began to love it. What you might not know is that our taste buds change, and we can train them like we train our muscles to like and even crave certain foods. I LOVE that conversation, so I’ll make an actual post for that at a later date! So getting back to why it’s so good.

  1. You can make it taste however you want!

    • Add your favorite fruit

    • Add maple syrup and brown sugar

    • Add peanut butter and jelly

    • Add cinnamon and raisins

    • Add egg whites for something a little more savory

    • Add WHATEVER you want to make it taste HOWEVER you want. Now that’s a food that could please almost anyone.

  2. They’re a natural whole grain

    • This means they’re an AWESOME complex carb and huge source of fiber. They give you energy for high intensity workouts and daily activities and can help keep your digestive track happy and healthy

  3. They’re jam packed with vitamins and antioxidants including:

    • Manganese

    • Phosphorus

    • Magnesium

    • Copper

    • Iron

    • Zinc

    • Folate

    • Vitamin B1

    • Vitamin B5

  4. It’s a heart healthy option

    • It can reduce LDL (bad cholesterol)

    • It can reduce blood sugar

    • Some studies say it might even help to protect against heart disease!

  5. It keeps you fuller than other sugary breakfast options

    • Granola bars, grab-n-go smoothies, cereals, pastries, frappucinos and the like are chucked full with added sugars! Some even have as much a can of coke! This sugar causes spikes in blood sugar only to leave you with a sugar crash shortly after, making you hungry again. Oatmeal (without tons of added sugars like chocolate chips or sugar-filled crasins) will leave you fuller longer!


  7. It’s quick, easy, and easy to take with you

    • I bring instant packets with me when I travel because all I need is a cup of water a microwave. You can find those in almost any hotel room, making it a great way to keep your healthy eating on track while traveling. Plus it‘ll save you money on breakfast while traveling.

So now that you know about all of these good things that should make you want to eat a big bowl right now, you should also know what to look for in instant oatmeal at your local grocery store. Most individual packs of that maple brown sugar or cinnamon raisin oatmeal do have added sugars, corn syrup, and all kinds of artificial ingredients. Before you buy any instant oatmeal, read the label. It shouldn’t have added sugars, dyes, preservatives, or any kind of ingredient you can’t pronounce. Big containers of plain oats should only have oats (but you have to double-check nowadays). With these, you can add your own toppings and mix-ins without worrying about artificial things being snuck in there. My favorite fall add-ins are sautéed cinnamon apples, almond butter, and pecans. Comment yours to give me some more options to try and go check out KenzieMFitness on Pinterest to see all of my yummy oatmeal options!

Happy National Oatmeal Day!!!