How to Measure Your Progress

Ever wonder how on earth to track your progress? Wonder why your pants are looser, but the scale hasn’t budged a bit and you don’t know if you’re succeeding or not? The scale has way less value than we give it. It can go up 5lbs just because you’re bloating from those french fries you had last night. What really tells of your progress is being able to feel your pants fit differently and see the measurements on your body actually change. That’s the real stuff!

So, here’s the tools to consistently measure your body and know that you’re making progress.

What you’ll need:

-Your phone or camera

-Measuring tape

-Somewhere to write it down (My favorite is the Stacked App by Michael Matthews)


-Take photos of yourself. Try to wear minimal clothing so you can really see the changes that are taking place. Store them in a “favorites” album or on the Stacked App!

-Measure and record numbers in these places

1. Circumference around the biggest part of BOTH biceps (Your dominant arm is normally a little bigger. Don’t assume they’re both the same and only measure one!)
2. Circumference around the biggest part of your chest (Just to clarify… this is your nipple line)

3. Circumference around the smallest part of your waist
4. Circumference around your hips at the biggest part of your butt (🍑🍑🍑)
5. Circumference around both thighs 10 inches above the top of the knee (Your dominant leg is normally a little bigger)
6. Circumference around both calves about 4 inches below the bottom of the knee (Your dominant leg is normally a little bigger)

That’s it! Don’t do this more than once a week. I prefer to do mine every two weeks on the same day at the same time (i.e. every other Saturday morning at 8am before I eat breakfast). Congrats! Now you have the tools to track your progress all the way to success!