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Workout: Back and Biceps

Try this workout the next time you need to break a sweat and build those back and bicep muscles! PLUS- I’ve given you some short video clips to show you how to do each exercise!

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How to Measure Your Progress

Ever wonder how on earth to track your progress? Wonder why your pants are looser, but the scale hasn’t budged a bit and you don’t know if you’re succeeding or not? The scale has way less value than we give it. It can go up 5lbs just because you’re bloating from those french fries you had last night. What really tells of your progress is being able to feel your pants fit differently and see the measurements on your body actually change. That’s the real stuff!

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Workout: Shoulders + Abs


  1. Side lateral raise — Drop set — 3 sets, 10 reps each

    • Do (10) reps with one weight

    • As soon as you’re finished, drop down to a lighter weight, do (10) more reps

    • Repeat one more time

    • Rest 60 seconds, repeat…

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Fitness Tips When the Weather Makes You Want to Stay in Bed

It’s that time of year. The leaves have changed and are starting to fall. It’s too cold to just wear a t-shirt outside, but not cold enough to pull out your full-sized down North Face made of goose feathers. It’s cloudy more often making you feel a little more sleepy. The weather gives that cozy and lazy feel that calls for thick, long socks, hot lattes, and staying in your warm bed a little longer. It’s getting cold. But a lot of times, that occurrence screws up our motivation to get to the gym…

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