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Kenzie's 4 Ingredient Chocolate PB Energy Ball Recipe

“You can find recipes for these things all over pinterest and the internet, but mine is a little different! Most have a lot more peanut butter, sweetener, sugar, etc. They’re almost like cookies! I played around with the recipe for the perfect amount of nut butter, honey, and chocolate so that it’s still sweet, but not enough to have too much sugar to the point where it’s basically a dessert. Try not to eat the whole batch when you’re done”…

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3 Ingredient Healthy Brownie Recipe

Holidays are hard with all of the sweet treats filled with refined sugars, gluten, butter and shortening, dairy, and everything else. On Thanksgiving, I wanted to find a guilt-free dessert recipe that wouldn’t leave me feeling heavy or with a stomach ache. A few Pinterest searches and some modifications later, I found something that completely satisfied my sweet tooth AND was actually good for me, and it was a hit amongst the crowd too. Major bonus points for both of those! The main ingredient is sweet potato, so it’s a great source of potassium and vitamin A. Get a good dose of veggies in your chocolatey dessert. What a holiday dessert win…

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