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I'm Kenzie Motschenbacher.

Before you dive any further into what I post on this site, I'd love for you to know a little bit about me. I'm a 20 year old college student from Denver, Colorado studying music production in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Some of my greatest passions and hobbies include following Jesus, traveling, grocery shopping, writing music, reading, people watching, making stupid jokes, downing movie theater popcorn soaked in butter, binge-watching The Office, dating my best friend, coffee dates, early mornings, family time, and leading worship. My biggest life dream is to share Jesus by leading worship around the globe. Oh! And I have a huge thing for health and fitness;-) I've honestly never been athletic. I have genuinely tried almost every single sport there is, and I've been terrible at every single one of them. So it's kind of a wonder that I ever got into fitness. Yet, here I am! My parents are big into weight training and nutrition, and my boyfriend has since jumped on the healthy train with me. Being healthy is so much more fun when the people you love are willing to do it with you!

Here’s 11 random facts about me!

1.) Tacos are my forever favorite food. (Not Taco Bell. Real tacos.)

2.) My biggest irrational fear is to get kidney stones or to be bitten by an eel. Whichever comes first.

3.) My dog is named after Gizmo from the movie The Gremlins because he looks just like him.

4.) The farthest I've ever traveled has been to Zimbabwe, Africa.

5.) I'm a senior in college studying Music Production, but minoring in Business

6.) Denver, Colorado is my favorite city.

7.) The place I've traveled to most outside of the US is Peru

8.) I actually love indie rock music

9.) I'm obsessed with the color gray

10.) I've lived in four different states

11.) I'm madly in love with Jesus

There's a lot more to me than this tiny page, but I share more in all of my blogs and posts! Make sure you subscribe and follow me so we can stay in touch! In the mean time, feel free to reach out via direct message or email. I'd love to connect and get to know you too!